Technology Solutions

The right technology can provide immense gains in efficiency and effectiveness of your organization's activities and communication.

Handle a level of operations that would otherwise be unachievable.

Emikra offers a wide range of technology solutions from enterprise business application implementation to integration.


  • Web Solutions
  • CRM implementation
  • Enterprise 2.0/Enterprise Social Networking
  • GIS solutions/Geospatial analytics
  • SOA/Integration
  • More...

Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture will help you make sure that your organization activities align with your vision, mission, goals, and objectives by developing a very high level structure of your organization.

A reference by which an organization's activities and processes are prioritized and aligned.

We believe that any technology implemented without intentional purpose towards a mission potentially cripples the organizaton's efforts.

Discover how our Enterprise Architecture consulting services can help your organization and how it impacts the way we deliver all of our solutions.

Corporate Identity & Communication

Having a strong corporate identity and communication strategy not only strengthens the value of your brand, but also the way people think and feel about your organization.

Communicate your message within and outside your organization with clarity.

Improve the way your organization is perceived and maximize the effectiveness of available channels of communication delivery, from traditional literature to social media.

Discover how we can help you close the gap between how your organization is perceived and how you want your organization to be perceived.

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