Enterprise Architecture

Improve your business processes to maximize your ability to accomplish your vision.


In implementing any solution to improve your organization's effectiveness, we believe it to be of utmost importance to understand the vision, goals, and objectives of your organization.  With an understanding of your organization, we can properly identify real solutions that will help your organization rather than implementing solutions to problems that don't really exist.  Good enterprise architecture practice will help you identify opportunities to improve the enterprise in a manner that more effectively and efficiently pursues its purpose.


Why is Enterprise Architecture Essential?

Enterprise Architecture will help you make sure that your organization activities align with your vision, mission, goals, and objectives by developing a very high level structure of your organization.  This structure can be documented in various ways and will include information about your organization's activities and processes, roles and functional areas, and what your organization is ultimately trying to accomplish.

The idea is not to document enterprise architecture for the sake of documentation, but rather to have a reference by which an organization's activities and processes are prioritized and aligned for the sake of maximizing the organization's pursuit of its mission.


More than Just IT Consulting

Enterprise Architecture consulting is part of what makes Emikra more than just a traditional IT consulting firm.  We strongly believe that any technology implemented without intentional purpose towards a mission potentially cripples the organizaton's efforts.