Technology Solutions

Implement effective IT solutions and technology to maximize your organization efficiency.


The right technology can provide immense gains in efficiency and effectiveness of your organization's activities and communication.  Using the right IT solutions, your organization will be able to handle a level of operations that would otherwise be unachievable using standard approaches.


So how do we sum up our philosophy of technology?

  • We like to maximize cost-effectiveness -> but we don't like compromising on quality.
  • We prefer not to reinvent the wheel -> but if we have to customize, create, or innovate, then we will.
  • We believe it's better to control your own technology -> but not at the expense of unnecessary complexity and overhead.
  • We believe community involvement is the most effective channel of innovation in today's fast paced environment.

So, you'll notice that while we evaluate each client's situation and needs before making recommendations, we tend to like open source, software as a service (SaaS), and open standards.


How are our technology solutions different?

Knowing that each organization is different, we emphasize these different areas when evaluating solutions for different organizations:

Quality: Is the solution good enough?
Does the solution meet the quality standards required to accomplish your organization's goals and objectives?

Best-Fit: Is it the right solution?
Does the proposed solution fit well for your needs based on your organization's current situation and evironment?  Does it meet the organization's functional and security requirements?  Is it simple enough for the end users to use on a daily basis?  Can it integrate easily with systems in place and can be customized to fit with the organization's processes?

Value: Is it worth it?
Are you getting the most value from your investment?  We look at selected quality open source and SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions as a starting point to maximize value without compromising quality and function.


Technology Solutions

  • Web Solutions (website design, portal development/implementation, web application development)
  • CRM implementation
  • Project Management
  • Unified Communication
  • Enterprise 2.0/Enterprise Social Networking
  • GIS solutions/Geospatial analytics
  • ETL/Data migration
  • Virtualization